Poles and Furniture for All Uses
Our concrete products are designed to exceed your quality and durability requirements. Because they are made in a plant in ideal, controlled conditions, we can guarantee great uniformity between specimens. We offer a wide range of shapes and colours, allowing you to match your poles and street furniture to their surroundings.
Main Characteristics
  • Centrifugation-made
  • Textures and colours are permanent, because they are obtained through the combination of natural aggregates and concrete
  • Poles are hollow along their axis, with a minimum available space of 50 mm
  • Use of pre-tension or post-tension when required
Benefits of Our Spun Concrete Products
  • No maintenance required
  • Resistant to vandalism
  • Very durable, over 80 years of use
  • Simple installation through direct burial in the ground
  • Can be custom-made according to your own specifications